Motorcycle Accident Attorney

While motorcycles have the same legal right that cars and trucks to occupy space on city streets and highways, the similarity of circumstances ends there. The deck is stacked against motorcyclists in a number of ways:

A motorcycle is harder to control than a car is on streets with defects or hazards such as salt and on the road, potholes, rough surfaces due to construction and hazardous weather conditions.

The margin of error is not very great when a motorcycle traveling at a high speed encounters obstacles or cars driven by people who claim “not to see” the motorcycles.

A motorcyclist’s injuries are apt to be more serious than those of someone driving an automobile. Very few motorcyclists involved in crashes simply have a sprained ankle. Catastrophic injuries and fatalities are not uncommon in motorcycle crashes.

Some motorcyclists are well trained, well experienced and in good control of their vehicle as well as in charge in traffic. Others, for whatever reason, are more prone to accidents and mistakes. Baby boomers who see their years of freedom drawing to a close are trying to live out unfulfilled dreams in many cases — and for some, that means acquiring a motorcycle and learning to ride at a fairly advanced age.

While some insurers, judges and juries may seem to have a built-in bias against motorcyclists, our clients who ride motorcycles are well represented and do not seem to suffer ill effects of discrimination, in our experience.

However a motorcycle accident happens, a strong legal representation may be just as critical as the best medical care when it comes to the long-term recovery prospects.