Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents share some similarities with car accidents in that they take place in traffic, and they involve motor vehicles. Otherwise, truck accidents have distinct characteristics, including the following:

The sheer size and momentum of an 18 wheeler usually means that there will be catastrophic injuries or fatalities in the other vehicle or vehicles.

Insurance issues can be complex, with the driver of the truck, the owner of the cabin of the truck and the owner of the trailer may well be three separate legal entities. In addition, whoever loaded the trailer may be called into question if the truck was overloaded or incorrectly loaded.

Truckers are often from other areas, passing through our state east to west or north to south. Tracking down all responsible parties can take time and effort.

A truck driver’s log is required to be made available for just a limited time. It is important for an attorney of a truck accident victim to request and review the driver’s log promptly. The driver’s log may reveal that the truck driver was sleepy or that the truck was not maintained according to schedule.

Whatever the causes and circumstances of a big rig crash, commercial truck accident or collision with a garbage truck, the injured or surviving family need aggressive advocacy by their own attorney. The trucking company and its insurers are likely to put their own legal counsel to work right away defending the case. The average person is no match for the aggressive in-house counsel or hired lawyers of legal entities who are responsible for the truck. You need your own attorney as soon as possible to increase the likelihood that you will be able to collect maximum available compensation.