Birth Injury Attorney

Few “mistakes” in life are as heart-breaking to contemplate as a preventable birth injury. Sometimes an obstetric staff’s failure to accurately monitor a fetus’s well-being during labor and delivery can result in irreversible brain injury (leading to cerebral palsy) or brachial plexus injury (leading to permanent loss of function in a shoulder and/or arm).

Birth injury can also be the result of defective prenatal care. This may be the case when an OB/GYN did not make adequate plans to mitigate a risky condition such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, or preeclampsia. Pregnant mothers who are at risk with conditions such as these are often recommended to have C-sections to reduce the risk of birth injury as a result of any such condition.

Advocating for the Rights of Infants With Brain Damage

Does your baby struggle with the results of cerebral palsy because your health care providers did not detect fetal distress or communicate these findings properly with the obstetrician? Did your child suffer from a hypoxic brain injury during labor, which went undetected for too long despite the clear evidence on the fetal monitor strip?

Or was your baby’s jaundice after birth undetected and untreated — resulting in brain damage?

As you can see, the time frame of a “birth injury” may encompass a wide time frame beginning with the initiation of prenatal care and ending with the dismissal of the newborn baby from the care of the OB/GYN.

Some parents are less interested in money than in answers after their baby is born with a birth injury. That is a reasonable expectation — but if your child is seriously injured, he or she deserves the best chance at obtaining the therapy and special education to help him or her overcome the disability as much as possible. This means making a claim for financial compensation while also seeking answers to important questions.