Medical Malpractice Attorney

Since the beginnings of our law firm, medical malpractice has been a core practice area. Medical malpractice is a challenging endeavor for any lawyer. It is both intellectually challenging and fraught with practical and legal challenges.

Some of the best attorneys in our profession work as defense lawyers in medical malpractice cases. Hospitals and health care providers work vigorously to contain exorbitant financial losses that can result from a successful medical malpractice claim or jury verdict in a case that goes to trial.

For this reason, anyone considering filing a medical malpractice claim is well advised to seek out an experienced lawyer to pursue their claim. Look for a law firm that is well-equipped for the job of finding evidence of negligence and showing direct cause and effect between that negligence and the medical injury.

A successful claim or lawsuit often requires great expense — in particular, the expense of hiring medical experts to give reliable opinions. At our firm, we enjoy working closely with expert physicians from throughout the state of Texas. They teach us about medicine and the human body, while together we explore theories of liability in each case.

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