Personal Injury Lawsuits Come In All Sizes And Shapes

Personal injury lawsuits come in all sizes and shapes. Under the United States legal system for both state and federal judiciaries one entity (person or business) can sue another or an entity for anything and for just about any amount. Whether they win or lose, or how much of the amount is actually awarded, is the result of expensive litigation. The legality and validity of claims are tested and examined through various levels of litigation. car accident lawyer

Filing a frivolous claim can actually result in the loss of money or sometimes even prison. For many claims can be difficult to determine whether or not the victim is stretching the truth or simply lying. It normally falls on the jury to decide the fate of the claim but most of the action occurs during trial when experienced legal teams, insurers and companies duke it out.

For most cases there can be some general precedent. Body parts have an estimated value, however for one person, say a musician, an arm or some vocal chords used for making a living can settle for hundreds of millions.

Typical Personal Injury Lawsuits

The first indication that an injury lawsuit is typical is the fact that you will most likely find an insurance company that provides coverage for it. Car insurance, house insurance and life insurance cases are brought to trial so often that businesses and individuals find it most convenient and cost effective to take out coverage.

When going to trial these cases are usually routine though experience usually prevails.

Automobile accidents, medical malpractice, Child injury, slip and falls, lead paint injuries, construction Injury

Auto accident claims are usually mostly handled by insurance companies unless one person is self insured. Insurance companies normally outline the maximum settlement awards in the coverage policy. Individuals are also allowed to file their own lawsuits for items not covered by their insurance or if they feel they deserve additional compensation.

Claims are usually settled as no fault and both parties may receive compensation for personal injuries, property damage and loss of income. When quality of life is affected it may be filed together with the original claim or separately.personal injury

Settlement awards will usually involve tens of thousands dollars and lawyers fees are normally covered by the insurance companies, depending on their policies.

Medical malpractice suits happen often. These types of claims can often amount in the millions of dollars because of the level of pain and suffering and sometimes as a punishment to companies or individuals involved in activities that cause harm to one or many people. Insurance for medical doctors is very expensive and claims are bound to arise.

Medical malpractice claims can often involve prescription medications. Sometimes a doctor or pharmacist can administer the incorrect dosage injuring or killing a patient. Drug companies also pay large sums in settlement. Federal, state or local governments usually file large suits on behalf of residents, however groups and individuals can file class action lawsuits cases or elect to file a lawsuit individually.

Sometimes larger claims are more expensive to manage and therefore class action lawsuits are more suitable.

Auto accident with related injury – $1,253,000
Medical malpractice – $7,000,000
Product liability – $73,000,000
Environmental damage+ – $20,000,000,000 (US Government unsettled)

The last claim was just to illustrate how astronomical lawsuits can become. Can you imagine how much time and resources would go into a valid claim of that amount?

If you have a legitimate claim you should be able to estimate the amount you should be entitled to by simply assessing what you have lost. Your final assessment amount will include time lost, pain and suffering, medical bills, and fees associated with pursuing your claim. If you are looking for a San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer click here