Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian accidents may occur in a variety of circumstances:

When a pedestrian is crossing a street with the light

When a pedestrian is crossing a street against the light

When a pedestrian is jaywalking, not in a crosswalk

When a car, truck or motorcycle loses control and jumps the curb

Likewise, bicycle accidents occur in a variety of contexts including:

Biking on a city street, traveling with other traffic

Riding on a bike path that crosses a street (or doesn’t)

Riding in a recreational area, away from the cityaccident attorneys

Bicycles and pedestrians colliding in congested areas  More information here: @

Whatever the circumstances of a bicycle or pedestrian accident are, serious injuries and fatalities are not uncommon, particularly when a car or truck is involved. A bicyclist may or may not be wearing a helmet — but a helmet may not prevent neck injuries. A pedestrian is almost never wearing a helmet, and may well go flying into the air when hit by a car or truck resulting in pedestrian death or catastrophic injury.

Insurance matters can be complex in pedestrian and bicycle accident cases. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows the best likely sources of insurance benefits available to compensate the injured pedestrian or bicyclist — and is best prepared to deal with the complexities of making a major claim for compensation. Find more here @

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