Burn Injury Lawyer

The skin is a complex organ covering most of the surface of the human body. Serious damage to the skin through “road burn” (often occurring in motorcycle accidents), thermal burns (as when a person is exposed to fire) or chemical burns (resulting from chemical spills — including Freon or gasoline leaking from a wrecked car onto passengers trapped in the car) can lead to complications such as the following:

A long healing period during which time the victim may be unable to work.

Risk of infection.

Pain — sometimes leading to a physical dependence on painkillers.

Disfigurement and/or scarring — and possibly, plastic surgery recommended down the road.

Depression and other psychological problems.

Potentially, psycho-social problems caused by isolation and awkwardness due to a dramatically changed appearance.

Whether a victim suffers a burn in an auto accident or an industrial accident, it is important to seek the highest quality medical treatment available from the start. If the victim does not have health insurance, a personal injury lawyer is a valuable source of help in this regard. At our personal injury law office, we regularly communicate with health care providers, sometimes persuading them to give health care to our clients while a personal injury claim is in the works.